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Please consider the following points before making your application.

The English 31 scheme is designed for pupils whose mother tongue is English or who have had extensive schooling in an English-speaking educational system. It does not teach English as a foreign language.

Candidates do not have to be British or native English speakers but they have to have a high level of spoken and written English.

A pupil in a bilingual educational system is expected to satisfy the linguistic and academic demands of two educational systems. Therefore candidates for the scheme must show an ability and an aptitude for this type of schooling, and parents must be prepared to play a very active role  in supporting and encouraging their children in their work both in school and at home.

Weekly homework is set for the pupils and this is a compulsory part of the programme.

If a pupil has not made satisfactory progress, parents may be requested to withdraw their child from the programme at the end of the school year. If the child does not live within the school catchment area, they will have to return to their local school.

Parents will be expected to ensure that their children have access to English resources (e.g. English or American dictionaries, books magazines etc.) at home.

The bilingual programme is demanding. Pupils must satisfy the high academic expectations of our French partner schools as well as making satisfactory progress in English. Parents of pupils who have previously experienced or are currently experiencing learning difficulties in their formal education should take advice and consider carefully the possible consequences before making an application for such a programme.

In applying to register your child you are agreeing to become a member of English 31 and to making a financial commitment which may last many years. If you do not pay your fees to English 31, your child may be excluded.