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Philosophy & Objectives


English 31 provides English education to bilingual students enrolled in the French National school system in the Toulouse area.

Objectives and philosophy

  • Our Association is committed to organizing and delivering an engaging and inspiring programme of Teaching and Learning which develops native English proficiency through the study of the English Language, Literature and Culture.
  • We strive for excellence in the programme by an enduring respect for the secure founding principles of the Association and a constant search for continuing development, innovation and improvement.
  • We seek to create a strong sense of community, which includes parents, students, employees and volunteers, celebrating the positive contribution each makes to the life and the success of our Association.
  • We wish to be seen as a valued partner and recognised asset within the French host schools and local community in which we deliver our Programme.
  • We ensure that our Programme is appropriately resourced and managed in order to achieve our objectives and that all processes and relations within the Association are managed ethically and with respect to all relative legislation.

English 31 provides formal English classes integrated within the French school system from CP (Year 2/1st grade), until the end of Secondary (Terminale). Our host schools, Simone Veil and Victor Hugo are based in Colomiers, west of Toulouse. Our classes do not teach English as a foreign language, we teach English to children who are already bilingual in French/English at their level and age.