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The focus is on developing language skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing. The progress of all pupils is monitored by our teachers on a weekly basis and annually using the “Suffolk Reading Test”. This helps define a pupil’s level of English according to age against a set of criteria so that we can ensure that your child is given the help they need with the appropriate teaching support.

Lesson content and methodology are taken from the Cambridge International programme which is based on the English National Curriculum. We have one library in every school from which the children are encouraged to choose and borrow their own book.

Weekly programme

The weekly programme is available from CP to CM2. Lessons take place every Wednesday afternoon for 2 and a half hours at Simone Veil Primary School in Colomiers. The majority of classes run from 13:00 to 15:30; however, we also offer two late classes, from 16:00 to 18:30, to accommodate the ever-increasing interest in our scheme.  Please be aware that we always endeavour to keep siblings in the same time slot where possible, but this cannot be guaranteed.  If a family wishes to change a time slot they must request this in advance of a new school year, and we will aim to meet this request where possible.

It is important to emphasise the fact that our weekly lessons are designed to ensure the progress of all our students over time.  As progress matters to us, our scheme is therefore run as a school and not as a club. Classwork is varied and involves a range of formal and fun activities which challenge all students. Compulsory homework is set regularly therefore it is crucial that all parents support our expectations and play an important role in their child’s learning and development by ensuring homework is completed.

We have a class helper who along with the teacher ensures that each child is making progress in reading. Each week your child will be given some homework and a reading book that should be completed for the following week. You will also be given a reading record book that you should sign to say your child has completed the book.

Wednesday weekly classes are designed to tutor pupils in the English language. They are not designed to specifically train pupils for the entrance tests for the local International Sections, and do not in any way guarantee that pupils will pass these tests.


Great care is taken to enable your child’s first steps into a bilingual environment and to take full advantage of both the French and British curriculums that will challenge them over their school careers and beyond. 

​In the integrated programme, pupils are schooled full time at the Simone Veil school in Colomiers. CP, CE1 and CE2 children have three hours of English lessons per week and two hours of DNL (Discipline Non Linguistique - for example Maths taught in English) incorporated into the standard French Primary timetable. CM1 and  CM2 students have 4 hours of English lessons per week.

Lesson content and methodology are taken from the Cambridge International programme which is based on the English National Curriculum but respecting our bilingual and bicultural context.

2024-25 Integrated & WEEKLY programme SUPPLY LIST

For everyone:

  • A pencil case containing two writing pencils, two glue sticks, a rubber, a pencil sharpener and a pair of scissors.
  • A pack of colouring pencils. (no felt pens or highlighters please!)
  • 1 folder with elasticated corners
  • 1 Porte Vues – 60 vues – A4. (for homework sheets)  - You could empty and re-use the one from last year!
  • 1 small exercise book for homework – keep the current one if not completed.
  • 1 exercise book (grand format/grand carreaux – 24 x 32 cms/ 96 pages). This is larger than the regular A4 size and is better for worksheets.  If possible, try and find this and not the A4.

For CE2, CM1 and CM2 only

  • A blue and a black pen
  • Two highlighters
  • A ruler

For CM2 only

  • A green & red pen