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E31 online teaching

Following some feedback from staff and parents and some teething issues linked to the partial return to school, I would like to update you on some adjustments we are making with our English Literature teaching provision in 6ème.

As you know, all 6ème students have 4 hours of English literature every week and, so far, we have tried to establish a 50:50 split between independent work and Zoom sessions.  Last week showed that making our curriculum content accessible to students who are at home and onsite is proving very difficult due to a lack of human resources and/or technical equipment at home or in school.  Consequently, we have decided to opt for a slightly different approach.

Les Albiston who is teaching all 6ème classes will set some work to be completed independently for 3 hours out of 4. This ‘independent’ work will not be fully independent as Mr Albiston will be available online during normal lesson time for any questions that students may have and will therefore provide students with live support. The 4th hour will be dedicated to reviewing this work and bring everything together via Zoom.

The work will be set by Les at the start of the week to allow students who go to school to take that work with them to complete it.  We understand that it is not always possible for families to do so but (if you can) please provide a device that would allow your child to connect to the Internet while in school in order to have access to Les Albiston’s online support during ‘independent work’ time and possibly for Zoom. Les Albiston is also available to mark your child(ren)’s work and email it back to them with the relevant feedback, therefore it is important that all the homework set is completed and handed in via Google Classroom for that extra constructive input.

We believe that this approach will provide enough staff/pupil contact time and teacher support and will include all students. We also hope that this release some pressure for families who have had to drive to and from school in a rush, in order to attend online or onsite lessons.

Our current provision for History and Geography remains unchanged for the time being.

I would like to thank you all for your support and patience under those exceptional ‘schooling’ circumstances. Your feedback is always welcome and taken into consideration in order to review and further improve our provision.



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