The Scottish play by Leslie Albiston

The Scottish play by Leslie Albiston

macbeth7“Macbeth” was the first play by Shakespeare that I studied at school. This was the play that introduced me to the wonderful world of Shakespearean drama. But I did have to wait until I was fifteen to discover it. This is why I’ve been so impressed with the work of our CM2 class in the weekly programme. They have been rehearsing a version of the play that they will be performing at Lucie Aubrac on Wednesday December 7th before the Christmas party.macbeth2

I’ve had the great privilege of watching them in rehearsal and I hope that the accompanying photos give an indication of the quality of their performance. Not only was it a great thrill to hear our primary students reciting some of the greatest lines in one of the greatest plays in the world, but to watch them interpreting those lines in action was a revelation. It would appear that it’s never too young to get to know the Bard. I can’t wait for the performance!


The outstanding quality of the rehearsals is thanks to the inspirational work of our visiting theatre director, Helen Leblique and the organisation of our two teachers, Denise Knibbs and Carrie Jack- and above all the enthusiasm and talent of our young students.














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