Terminale trip to London – Live update

Terminale trip to London – Live update

Blog post by Les Albiston

Inspired by their Globe theatre workshop on “King Lear” this year’s group on the annual Terminale trip to London have put on an impromptu performance of the play to a fascinated (and bemused) audience in the Tate Modern. This installation has now become of feature of the Gallery’s season! Trips to Stratford to see “The Shoe Makers’ Holiday” and “Much Ado about Nothing” as well as the exhibition on William Blake’s work at the Ashmolean museum in Oxford have also served to nourish their intellect, while last night’s meal in the Bella Italia, Leicester Square (also attended by ex OIB students living in London) has nourished the body. Now The Houses of Parliament and a Japanese meal in Wagamama await!

King Lear Terminale Trip

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