Primary – Lucie Aubrac

Primary – Lucie Aubrac

The Groupe Scolaire Lucie Aubrac is the home of English 31′s Primary Programme and is a modern facility opening for the academic year beginning September 2014.


This school is our new home after many years spent at the school Paul Bert. Here, pupils are nurtured in their development of core learning and language skills. Great care is taken to enable your child’s first steps into a bilingual environment and to take full advantage of both the French and British curriculums that will challenge them over their school careers and beyond.


To this end, English 31 has brought about a successful programme that teaches key skills in literacy and numeracy as well as social and emotional understanding. They build a foundation of knowledge that centres around Britain and France’s places in the global scheme, which is both inclusive and understanding of the world at large.


At Maternelle and Primary levels, English 31 offers the Integrated and Weekly programmes.


In the integrated programme, pupils are schooled full time at the Groupe Scolaire Lucie Aubrac in Colomiers and have four hours of English lessons per week, incorporated mainly into the standard French Primary timetable, with one hour of the four taught after the end of the school day. This programme is available from CP to CM2.


In the weekly programme, 2 ½ hours of English are provided once-a-week at Lucie Aubrac. Pupils in this programme attend their own local primary school for the majority of the week and attend the English 31 programme on Wednesdays. This programme is available from CP (Cours Préparatoire) through the end of Primary (CM2).


Lessons content and methodology are based on the English National Curriculum. The progress of all pupils is monitored by teachers on a weekly basis and annually using “Progress in English and “The Suffolk Reading Test.” These tests help define a pupil’s level of English according to age against a set of criteria and also to refine teaching methodology.

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02 September, 2019


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Primary – Lucie Aubrac

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