Lycée – Victor Hugo

Lycée – Victor Hugo

Lycée provides the advanced or tertiary stage of children’s education, much like the US High school and the UK College systems, and seeks to prepare pupils for under-graduate study, advanced apprenticeships and professional employment induction courses.


As in each previous level, children will follow the normal routine shared by their French peers. In their first year, a foundation course prepares them for entry into the French Option Internationale du Baccalauréat, (OIB), which is run by Education Nationale, the French national education authority, and should not be confused with the International Baccalaureate.


The Collège and Lycée are thriving international communities; the pupils are French, English, American and German children whose parents work in the area. Not only do the pupils benefit from working alongside their bilingual peers, many parents also profit from shared experiences, which only serve to strengthen the parent-student-teacher partnership.


In the final two years of the Lycée, English 31 pupils follow the British option available to Section Internationale pupils; they follow the English and History/Geography programmes of the Option Internationale du Baccalauréat (OIB), which are jointly run by the British Section’s partners and Education Nationale, the French national education authority. There is complete integration into the French Baccalauréat, in order that they develop complete fluency in both languages, the OIB also offers formal recognition at, Baccalaureate level, of your child’s bilingual ability; combined, they command respect internationally as a high quality preparation for higher education.


The English Literature and History/Geography subjects of the Option Internationale du Baccalauréat (OIB) are taught exclusively in English and are examined using syllabi and assessment practices overseen and validated by the University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE). The normal French system’s requirement for both a foreign language and Histoire-Géographie are replaced by the OIB’s English Literature & Language and History/Geography courses; moreover, as well as yielding separately identifiable A-Level marks, these two OIB subjects contribute significantly to the candidate’s overall average score, 40%, (moyenne générale), in a similar manner to the US and Australian average points score system, therefore, pupils are to use their bi-lingualism to maximize their overall attainment.


Click here to see the CIE/ASIBA OIB Handbook.


Explanation of how children progress through Lycée with English 31 :


At lycée level four hours of English and four hours of History/Geography in English are provided per week in Seconde and Première, incorporated into the standard French lycée timetable. This rises to six hours of English and Five hours of History/Geography per week in Terminale if students decide to take the Option Internationale du Baccalauréat (OIB)


In Seconde one class, which has moved up from our collège continues its work in IGCSE and another class joins The British Section following admission tests for canidates in the previous April. This second class is called the “classe d’adaptation” and concentrates upon refining English skills and the skills of literary analysis required for OIB.


In Première all the pupils of the British Section choose their specialisations, Language and Literature (Série L) Social and Economic Sciences (Série ES) or Mathematics and Sciences (Série .S) The two-year programme leads to the Baccalaureate with examinations according to the speciality chosen. All OIB candaites take the same Language and Literature and History/Geography examinations irrespective of speciality (série) These two examinations replace the first foreign language and history/geography examinations in the standard Baccalaureate. For more information concering the OIB programme and examinations, please consult the ASIBA (Association des Sections Internationales Britanniques et Anglophones) website.


In the three years of their lycée programme, pupils of the British Section who wish to apply to UK or North American and Canadian universities are given extensive advice and guidance. Many former pupils of The British Section attend English-speaking universities.

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Lycée – Victor Hugo

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