Melanie Norwood – TQI (Three Question Interview)

Melanie Norwood – TQI (Three Question Interview)

I thought a brief, engaging blog interview would be a great way to take a peek into the life of English 31.  So, I invented the TQI, a.k.a. the Three Question Interview.  It should be pretty obvious that the rule of the game is to limit the interviewer to no more and no less than three questions.  This should ensure that the interviewer remains focused on the essential and that the interviewee doesn’t need to take a lot of time to answer the questions.  It’s a quick, easy to read format.  I hope you enjoy this first one and I encourage you to submit your own TQI blog posts.

Melanie Norwood – E31 Parent, Committee Member, Wednesday afternoon volunteer

Q1: Can you explain your role within English 31?

A1: I am one of the two social secretaries on the E31 committee. I am involved in event organisation for our families and staff, though this is obviously not all I do.

Q2: Why did you decide to volunteer in class and how do you like it?

A2: I decided to volunteer in class, as I am thinking of working in a school environment and wanted to see if it is for me. I was a chemist (scientist) before I moved to France, so this is clearly very different. I am really enjoying my Wednesday afternoons even though I hardly stop.  I also now know what the children and teachers achieve in a short afternoon in school and wonder how they would cope without volunteers such as myself.

Q3: What keeps you engaged in the association and convinces you to continue your membership each year?

A3: I feel so fortunate that my children have this fantastic opportunity to learn English as they would in England. Being inside the classroom and seeing our amazing teachers in action just strengthens this feeling. I need no convincing to keep my children within English 31.

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