Julia Watson: Our UK university adviser

Julia Watson: Our UK university adviser

By Leslie Albiston

Many of you will have heard of Julia Watson of the Futurewise organization. Julia has been visiting the Lycée at least twice per year for almost a decade in order to help and advise students and parents considering applying to UK universities. Hundreds of students have benefited from her excellent support over the years and our success at placing our E31 students in top flight universities in the UK is due in large measure to her work with us.

Recently Julia was nominated as one of three outstanding careers advisers chosen for a national award in the UK. At the ceremony, Julia’s citation read as follows:- After 15 years with the Charity, Julia Watson is one of the best loved and most highly regarded members of staff within the Inspiring Futures Foundation. She is a clear example of someone who goes the extra mile for students, school staff and colleagues alike. Her versatility and indefatigable energy know no bounds. She is as comfortable holding guidance sessions in German or in French as in English. She is able to command the attention of large groups of enthusiastic students in many countries around Europe and is a hugely knowledgeable and expert guidance professional. She treats each individual student as a special case and maintains relationships with them over a sustained period of time. Julia’s caring attitude and constant enthusiasm are contagious. She undertakes a gruelling schedule visiting international schools all round Europe. She is highly knowledgeable about opportunities for young people, not just in the UK, but all over the world. She is also an outstanding mentor to her own staff.

Having worked with Julia for many years, I support every word of the citation. Not only does she give excellent guidance to our students and students, but in my role as UCAS adviser, she has offered precious support and advice. Congratulations to Julia on her thoroughly deserved award. We’re very lucky to have such a dedicated professional as part of our English 31 programme.

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