If your child is accepted for English 31 classes, you will need to enrol in English 31 and pay the fees. Non payment of fees may result in a child’s exclusion from the scheme.


Membership Fee


A Family Membership Fee must be paid for each family that has their children enrolled in English 31 classes. This annual fee covers all children in that family. The Family Membership Fee for 2017-2018 is 150.00 € per family (not per child).

The Family Membership Fee is voted at the Annual General Meeting.


Tuition Fees


Tuition fees are payable by all members for each child’s classes. Tuition fees for members who are direct employees of Airbus are paid through the Airbus sponsorship. Companies who would like to pay tuition fees for their employees’ children should contact English 31 for the latest corporate fees.

Tuition Fees for 2017-2018 – Voted and approved by the association members at the Annual General Meeting


Per Term OR Annually
Maternelle (Lucie Aubrac) €220.00 €660.00
Weekly (Lucie Aubrac) €220.00 €660.00
Integrated Primary (Lucie Aubrac) €220.00 €660.00
Integrated College (Victor Hugo) €220.00 €660.00
Lycee (Victor Hugo) €220.00 €660.00
Associate Members


Associate membership is available for those wishing to make use of the British/International Section facilities or to attend the social events organised by the Association through the year, but whose children are not enrolled in any of the main courses described above. The annual membership fee for 2017-2018 is  150.00 € per family.


IGCSE Examination


The fee for the IGCSE English Language and English Literature examinations taken at the end of Seconde is 102,00 € per subject for the school year 2017-18, payable in Seconde.


School Trips


Over the last few years we have been able to organise a school trip for our 4ème and Terminale pupils.

4ème School Trip: The total cost for parents is 400,00 €

Terminale School Trip: The total cost for parents is 425,00 €

These trips are not obligatory.