Fame Show

Fame Show

Blog Post by Evanne Smith

This year is the last Beauville Arts week for the 4ème, and this year we are going to perform our version of the musical Fame. And, like usual, we’re going to have lots of fun.

On Monday morning, each class worked separately on their songs and dances. In the afternoon and the other days of the week, we worked together in the gymnasium. We were supposed to go in “salle 23” the whole week but there was an exam, so Mme Vallière very kindly let us use the gymnasium. During the week we lost quite a bit of time because of these kind of problems but we worked hard and made up for the time lost.

I think most students had lots of fun learning the songs and dancing. Our “homework” was to listen to the songs we had to learn on YouTube again and again until we knew them and it was automatic.

Before starting, we would warm up in music. Jonathan played the piano for us to sing and Claire showed us the dance movements and sang us the tune. We had great fund and the show was possible because Jonathan and Claire were there to build our show and Mrs. Blakemore was with us all week helping out and organizing things.

The performance was great and the audience applauded loudly. We even had to do an encore performance with a repeat of our last number.

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