Conditions of Entry

Conditions of Entry into Primary, Collège and Lycée


Integrated Classes


Entry into the British Section Integrated classes at the Primary, Collège and Lycée levels rests with the school authorities. However, pupils who are selected by the school to follow the British Section must also join English 31.


English 31′s participation in the Integrated selection process is limited to an assessment of a pupil’s ability to follow the English programme.


Applications shall be submitted to Lucie Aubrac and Victor Hugo school authorities in accordance with the French schools’ schedules. Please note that many people apply early and places are subject to availability.


To judge ability in English, all applicants are required to sit an entry test. The Primary test is done at Lucie Aubrac. The Collège/Lycéee test takes place in Victor Hugo in the spring period, and this is a two-hour test comprising a piece of extended writing (i.e. an essay) and a comprehension test.


Wednesday “once-a-week” classes


Entry into the Wednesday “once-a-week” classes at Maternelle and Primary levels is made by application directly to English 31 and is subject to successfully passing the entry test. Places are limited and not all qualifying applications may be accepted.

Please consider the following points before making your application :


1. The English scheme is designed for pupils whose mother tongue is English or who have had extensive schooling in an English-speaking educational system. It does not teach English as a foreign language.


2. In applying to register your child you are agreeing to become a member of English 31 and to making a financial commitment which may last many years. If you do not pay your fees to English 31, your child may be excluded.


3. At primary level your application may be affected by your place of residence.


4. Given the nature of the programme, the scheme ideally suits pupils who will stay in it for the medium to long term.


5. While French integration classes exist at primary level, no such facility exists in the Colomiers area at secondary level. Given the considerable academic and intellectual demands the French educational system places on its pupils, it is unlikely that a child who speaks no French and who is already twelve or older will be able to cope with the challenge of a new language, educational system and culture. The British Section is very reluctant to accept such pupils unless evidence is provided of the candidate’s ability and willingness to integrate into a bilingual school system.


6. A pupil in a bilingual educational system is expected to satisfy the linguistic and academic demands of two educational systems. Therefore candidates for the scheme must show an ability and an aptitude for this type of schooling, and parents must be prepared to play a very active role in supporting and encouraging their children in their work both in school and at home.

Additional information regarding expected level of English language abilities:


Candidates do not have to be British or native English speakers but they have to have a level of spoken and written English which will allow them to benefit from the English programme delivered by the Section.


Pupils whose mother tongue is not English will be tested following application to the section. If they are considered to have the level required they will be admitted to the section subject to the availability of places within the appropriate English class, and to the availability of places within the appropriate French class for those candidates applying for a full-time place at Lucie Aubrac or Victor Hugo.


Please also check with Lucie Aubrac for conditions of domicile for applicants to the integrated primary classes.


Pupils are expected to make progress in English during the year. Assessment of progress is based upon results of standardised tests taken in March/April and upon the reports of the class teachers. If a pupil has not made satisfactory progress, parents may be requested to withdraw their child from the programme at the end of the school year.


Weekly homework is set for the pupils and this is a compulsory part of the programme. Parents should be aware that pupils who frequently fail to produce homework will be considered as not making satisfactory progress.


The teachers of the British Section are always available should parents need guidance as to their child’s progress in English. Parents are expected to make a firm commitment to ensure the promotion of English in the home, and the consolidation of all learning in the English programme. Parents will be expected to ensure that their children have access to English resources (e.g. English or American dictionaries, books magazines etc.) at home.


Parents should understand that pupils within the Primary programme are eligible to apply for places in Collège Victor Hugo in Colomiers, but do nothave an automatic right of entry. Please note that there is a very heavy demand for places in the collège, and applications are managed by the school authorities.


The bilingual programme is demanding. Pupils must satisfy the high academic expectations of our French partner schools as well as making satisfactory  progress in English. Parents of pupils who have previously experienced or are currently experiencing learning difficulties in their formal education should take advice and consider carefully the possible consequences before making an application for such a programme.


Parents who do not work for the sponsoring partner Airbus must pay English 31 membership and tuition fees. Payment for each term must be paid in advance of tuition. One full term’s notice is required for any departures from the scheme. Failure by parents to pay the termly bill will result in the child’s exclusion from the English classes and potentially from the French host school.


Having read the conditions of entry, if you wish to proceed with an application for Integrated classes, you will need to first establish contact with the Head of the relevant school (in writing). The British Section is not responsible for the registration of your child at the school. In addition, you will need to complete an application to English 31.


If you wish to proceed with an application for English 31 Wednesday “once-a-week” classes, you will need to complete an application to English 31 and return this to our Administrative Assistant (see Contact page).