Volunteer Leadership


English 31 is lead by an all-volunteer Committee, consisting of 7 members, who are then supported by a salaried Head of the British Section to manage the association’s teaching.  The Committee’s purpose is to provide appropriate oversight of the association’s operations, to give strategic decisions in line with membership’s directions, and to ensure a proper and transparent governance of the association for the benefit of all members.  Our ongoing challenge is to consistently deliver high quality education integrated within French schools and to maintain accredited status by fulfilling the criteria for International Sections and for Cambridge International Examinations board.


Three committee members – the President, Secretary and Treasurer – form the board, or officers, of the association and are the legal representatives of the association; they work with the French administration, host schools, association employees, outside service providers and members. The other committee members are delegated with specific responsibilities to ensure that English 31 is able to deliver the highest educational standards through the British Section.


The Committee delegates the day-to-day management of teaching matters to the Head of the British Section as the director of educational programmes, from Maternelle/Primaire to the end of Lycée.


Organisational Structure


English 31 is a not-for-profit association and is made-up from its Members, be they students, parents/guardians or Committee members. E31 is not a private school. Below is our internal organisation as presented at the Annual General Meeting on 14th October 2014.


Current Committee

Garrett Smith

As the President of English 31, Garrett is the legal representative of the association. He oversees the strategy and governance of the association, ensuring good relationships with the host schools’ French administration, the association's employees, our industrial sponsor Airbus and our members.

Valérie Itié-Polese
Laurence Talairach-Vielmas
Stéphanie Lesage
Primary Project
Catherine Bortolotti

Catherine Bortolotti has worked on a variety of important projects: social events, improving the registration process, preparing the move to Lucie Aubrac school, reworking the class timetables to comply with the new French ``rythmes scolaires``, and recruiting our latest round of staff.

Tracy Severne de Milt

Tracy moved to France 16 years ago where her two children were born. She has led a number of voluntary projects in primary and college including English workshops, writing and producing theatre and workshops on mindfulness. She is delighted to be part of the E31 committee and share her skills where required.

Social Events
Melanie Norwood

Melanie Norwood organises social events for English 31 families and staff. She also volunteers in the classroom on Wednesday afternoons. As the only current committee member with children in the weekly scheme, she is a key point of contact for parents with any concerns.

Social Events, Special Projects
Kerri Poirier

One of the Social Events coordinators, Kerri Poirier plans and organizes the Halloween and Christmas parties for the younger students and parents. She also organizes staff events and is actively preparing a great new schedule of events to further develop our association.

Gabrielle Nicolas

Gabrielle Nicolas has two children in the school. She is part of the team who organize social events for the families and Middle School. She gives her energy where it is needed. She wishes to create a group of parent to exchange ideas, experiences and best practices. She will be more than happy to meet you around a tea!