General Information


Before applying for a place in English 31 classes, you should review the below information and the Conditions of Entry and decide which of our classes is most appropriate for your child.


– Maternelle (Grande Section): Wednesday “once-a-week” programme
– Primary: Integrated or Wednesday “once-a-week” programme
– Collège: Integrated programme
– Lycée: Integrated programme


For places in our Integrated classes, which are hosted by our French school partners, you must apply to and be accepted by the applicable French school. Then you must also enroll in the English 31 association.

For places in our Wednesday “once-a-week” classes, you must apply to and be accepted by English 31.


Applications to English 31 are considered with respect and ambition for every young person who applies. Places are limited and we unfortunately cannot always accept all applications. If a place is not available for qualifying pupils, they may be placed on a waiting list.


Pupils who attend our classes, and their parents, must be members of the Association in good standing. We also expect all members to play a role in supporting the association over the period of their child’s learning in various and appropriate ways.


To finance the costs of teachers and the running of the association, English 31 charges membership and tuition fees. All members must be current on payment of their fees for their children to continue in the British Section classes offered by English 31 otherwise they may be excluded.