English 31 has been proud to bid farewell to hundreds of school-leavers and we are proud of their achievements in their higher education and professional lives. Here, we present them as role-models to our current members and cordially invite all English 31 Alumni to get in touch, via our Contact page.


Our alumni are an inspiring bunch and so we also encourage nominations and written features on those alumni who offer an outstanding guide and motivation to the current pupils. Please, note that diversity is key and, therefore, we should be grateful for features from across the field of work, from artists to engineers, to pioneers to ‘establishmentarians’, to name but a few!


In other words, If you or someone who knows you well is proud of your achievements since leaving English 31, it’s highly likely that you’ll be a trailblazer for one, many or most of our pupils and it would be a great service to them for you to get in touch with us! We very much look forward to hearing from you.


Alumni Testimonials

Charlotte Gowdy


I am doing a Franco-British double degree at Sciences Po Lille and Kent University in England (Canterbury campus). I get a Masters degree from Sciences Po and a B.A. from Kent. Its a complete continuation of the spirit of OIB in Toulouse: you get to work at a great level in English and French at the same time.

Hugo Volrath


Following my graduation from OIB in 2012, I spent a year developing a design portfolio to present to the University of the Arts London, where I was accepted on to their Foundation course in graphic design. My successful completion of this course has allowed me to progress onto BA (hons) Design at Goldsmiths College (University of London)…read more

Oriana Ng


I was part of the English 31 programme between the ages of four and sixteen, after which I went on to taking the Option Internationale du Baccalauréat in English (OIB). After I got my French Baccalauréat, I chose to go to preparatory school, and a few months ago, I finally got into the school of my dreams, HEC Paris. As math was never my strong suit…read more

Eleanor Cooke


English 31 played a crucial part in my education from primary school right through to OIB. The section helped me in so many different ways, from supporting me as a disoriented little girl settling into life in France, to giving me all the chances for success in my final exams. It allowed me to gain important skills for my university career and gave me…read more