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English 31 provides formal classes integrated within the French school system from the first year of Primary (CP), until the end of Secondary (Terminale). Our host schools are based in Colomiers, west of Toulouse. Our classes do not teach English as a foreign language, we teach English to children who are already French/English bilingual at their level and age. We also hold “once-a-week” English classes at Grande Section (Maternelle) and Primary levels on Wednesdays.


Teaching and learning are entirely in English and founded on the English National Curriculum. Both traditional and contemporary British educational values, texts and resources are at the core of how we enable children to develop and achieve. We also appreciate their unique situation as bi-lingual learners and facilitate their success in both systems. By the end of their school careers, pupils will have had the chance to excel in English Language & Literature and History & Geography, and to undertake British style secondary ‘end-of-school’ qualification exams (IGCSEs) and the French system’s OIB (Option International Baccalauréat). These are both examined by the Cambridge International Examinations board for the English elements.


Our vision is to produce truly bilingual English/French proficiency, with native language fluency. Pupils are empowered to strive for academic success and, through our classes, pupils are encouraged throughout to value their English-speaking heritage. Our pupils achieve close to 100% attainment in all our formal exams, (IGCSE English Lit. & Lang. and the OIB, which includes separate English and History & Geography courses), on an annual basis, and our pupils often receive distinctions and merits.


English 31 is a not-for-profit association run for the benefit of its Members, including both pupils and their parents/guardians. Committee members are elected from the membership. English 31 is not a private school. Teachers are employed by the English 31 association. Members are required to pay annual membership and tuition fees as a condition of entry, which contributes to teaching and salary costs as well as extra expenses involved in providing these unique classes. Members are able to maintain a bilingual and bicultural education within the framework and setting of typical French national/state schools.

Welcome from the President
– Garrett Smith

Welcome to the English 31 website. English 31 has provided excellence in English language teaching to French/English bilingual pupils in the Toulouse area over the past 30 years. We now have over 410 pupils enrolled in either our integrated classes within the French Education Nationale school day, or in our Wednesday ¨once-a-week¨ classes.


Our consistently high standards of teaching result from the academic devotion of our Head of the British Section, Mr Xavier Vuiller and our English teachers. We also rely for the running of the Association on our members and volunteers, without whom we could not provide the platform for our pupils to learn in our classes. Let me express our heartfelt thanks to you all. We are also extremely grateful to our French host schools, Collège/Lycée Victor Hugo and Ecole Primaire Lucie Aubrac, who allow us to run our classes under their auspices.


I hope you will find the information you seek in our website and that, through the work of our teachers and volunteers, generations more children around Toulouse will enjoy discovering the wonders of learning bilingual French and English – language, culture and lifestyles – and take away an open and international experience which will serve them life long.

Message from the Head of Section
– Xavier Vuiller


Welcome to the British Section, the department which manages and delivers the English programme governed by the English 31 Association. The British Section is committed to academic excellence and places high expectations on its students in terms of aspiration, commitment and work ethic. Our English courses, designed for children with mother tongue ability cover the entire school range and include formal qualifications at senior level. At every level of the programme formal language tuition is supplemented by extra-curricular activities, which include school trips, theatre workshops and presentations, visiting writers and speakers, magazines and debating.


Our teachers have a wealth of experience in teaching English in a bilingual context and thousands of students have benefited from their teaching over the thirty years of our existence. We understand that written and spoken fluency in English offers not only an opportunity to students in a world where English is the universal medium of international communication, it can also help to articulate our perception of the world and our place within it.


We strive to offer to all our students a stimulating, challenging and enriching learning environment and hope the work that we do with our students will form a firm basis of understanding that will serve them for the rest of their lives.